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New & Improved PRISTINE Acidic Bathroom & Hard Surface Cleaner


We are excited to announce our New and Improved PRISTINE Acidic Bathroom & Hard Surface Cleaner with a new GREEN color.

PRISTINE Acidic Bathroom and Hard Surface Cleaner is a versatile, highly-concentrated, new and improved acidic bathroom cleaner providing best in class performance at a low in-use cost. This formulation is built as a flexible triple-duty cleaner to attack the toughest soap scum deposits and dissolve stubborn lime scale build-up that can also be diluted and used as an acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. PRISTINE’s power provides you with greater cleaning performance and saves you time and labor dollars. PRISTINE Acidic Bathroom and Hard Surface Cleaner is available in the DOSE System.


New and Improved DEFY Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser


Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreasers are an important tool of a Food Service cleaning program. A great cleaner/degreaser is a work horse in every food service operation. NEW DEFY has recently been improved to position it as an anchor product in our DOSE and INTEGRA line for Food Service applications.


We found that by making a few changes to raw materials and tweaks to the formulation, DEFY could become a best-in-class, superior performing, true 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser.  We are pleased to introduce New and Improved DEFY - Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Degreaser - a versatile, ultra-concentrated formulation designed to be use as a heavy-duty degreaser, everyday cleaner or grease cutting floor cleaner. 



Laundry Guard - Laundry Sanitizer & Residual Bacteriostatic


An ultra-concentrated liquid fabric sanitizer designed for commercial machines, tunnel washers and home style machines and used in the final rinse. Can be used on sheets, bedding, towels, pads, drapes, scrubs, gowns, uniforms, turnout gear, athletic uniforms, as well as many additional textiles.  EPA Registered.

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Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect!


Cleaning By Design. Food Service and Housekeeping Starter Kits… COVID-19 has brought a new expectation of clean to our industry and SMART START is a program designed to help you help your customers.

COVID-19 Information


Anderson Chemical Company and The INTEGRA Program® are working diligently to support our Customers during this difficult time as we face the challenges of COVID-19! 

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Stain Removal Products Available In RTU Quart Cases!

  • Provides laundry operations an effective way to fight stains and keep linen in service.
  • Removes the toughest stains without damaging fabric.
  • Saves time and energy, labor and linen replacement costs.

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DAZZLE is a laundry detergent designed for use in all water and soil conditions.   DAZZLE is designed to remove odors and tough stains from all fabrics.  Improves results by sequestering minerals.  Contains anti-redeposition agents.  Attacks grease and powers out tough stains.  Flexible enough to be used in homestyle or larger OPL machines.

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