INTEGRA® Safer Choice Certified Products

Anderson Chemical has applied over 100 years of experience into creating the most comprehensive lines of Safer Choice products for Kitchen, Laundry and Housekeeping cleaning.  Paired with our proprietary INTEGRA® or DOSE systems and standardized cleaning processes, you can rely on us for total solutions at a competitive price.

Safer Choice products are formulated with chemistry that pass the EPA Safer Choice screens for environmentally preferable products.  For a list of INTEGRA® products recognized by the EPA’s Safer Choice Program for using environmentally preferable chemistry, follow this link...  The result is safer products for you and safer products for the environment.


  • Products meet rigorous evaluation and testing.
  • Products provide less hazardous materials for your personnel.
  • Products are easier to warehouse and ship.
  • Products concentrated formulas reduce container size.
  • Products empty out completely.
  • Product packaging is Class 2 recyclable.

Find our Safer Choice recognized products below.

Laundry Detergent PYL3055

ACCENT is a high surfactant laundry detergent.  ACCENT will safely remove greasy soils from fabrics by emulsifying soil and keeping it suspended to prevent redeposition.  ACCENT will remove even the heaviest soils when used in conjunction with PRELUDE  laundry breaker.  ACCENT is for use in healthcare, hospitality, food processing, heavy soils, barrier fabrics, table linens, uniforms.

* Safe On All Fabrics
* Powerful Emulsifier
* Grease Fighting Formula
Citri Sour
Laundry Neutralizer PYL3020

CITRI SOUR is a laundry neutralizer. Safely neutralizes alkalinity.  Designed to adjust the final pH in the wash cycle.  Prevents fabric graying by dissolving minerals which may have deposited onto the fabric from the water.  For institutional shirt laundry use only.  Do not use in home type machines.  This product is recommended for use in our TIP® program. Suitable for use in Ozone systems.

* Safely Adjusts Final pH
* Prevents Mineral Build-Up
* Reduces Tensile Strength Loss
Detergent with Oxygen Bleach PYL3547

HARMONY is a detergent with oxygen bleach.  HARMONY is a non-phosphate, environmentally preferable, liquid detergent designed to be used on personal linen. HARMONY is a combination of detergent and oxygen bleach. Brightens, whitens and attacks tough stains.  Leaves linen smelling fresh. Can be used in both homestyle and high efficiency machines.  Safe for all types of natural and synthetic fabrics.  May be used in hot, warm and cold wash programs.  For institutional laundry use  -  safe to use on personal linen.   This product is recommended for use in our TIP® program.

* Non-Phosphate
* Green Chemistry
* Combination Product
Oxy Boost
Laundry Booster PYL3010

OXY BOOST is a laundry performance booster.  OXY BOOST is a liquid laundry additive based on hydrogen peroxide.  OXY BOOST is designed to be used during the wash cycle as a detergent additive.  It provides exceptional soil removal.  For institutional laundry use only.  This product is recommended for use in our TIP® program. 

* Color Safe
* Brightens / Whitens Linen
* Eliminates Stains
Zyme Plus
Enzyme Detergent PYL3005

ZYME PLUS ZYME PLUS is a liquid enzyme detergent designed for industrial and institutional use.  It contains a blend of enzymes, anionic and non-ionic surfactants and solvents to effectively remove oily, greasy and protein soils.   For institutional use only.  This product is recommended for use in our TIP® program. Suitable for use in Ozone systems.

* Contains Bleach Alternative
* Works In Moderate Temperatures
* Enzyme Activated
* Neutral pH Detergent