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SOKR - Silverware Presoak   

SOKR is a high quality institutional utensil presoak. It softens and loosens the toughest food soils for easy removal in the dishmachine.  Due to special water conditioning agents, SOKR givesexcellent results in all water conditions. Leaves flatware spotless.  Offered in 2/64 oz cases, SOKR is dispensed using DOSE technology.

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DAIRY SAN - Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Sanitizer    

DAIRY SAN an acid-quaternary sanitizer for the dairy and food processing industry. DAIRY SAN is a synergistic blend  of an acid and quaternary compounds, providing the benefit of an acid sanitizer and quaternary sanitizer in one  product.  Offered in 2/32 oz cases, DAIRY SAN is dispensed using DOSE technology.

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PREMIERE - Coffee Machine Cleaner Powder

PREMIERE is recommended to be used to clean expresso machines. PREMIERE is metal safe, clean without causing harm to machines. Removes the build-up of oily coffee residue from screens,  valves and tubes of coffee brewers. An essential product to keep your machine fresh. PREMIERE is offered in 6/1.9 lb cases.    

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DGRIME - Cleaner/Degreaser

DGRIME is a concentrated cleaner that was designed for food service institutions.  It combines the cleaning power of alkaline detergent builders, solvents and surfactants to be especially effective on greasy food soils and fats.  It saponifies and emulsifies the soils so that they can be easily wiped or mopped up.  Use DGRIME as a  heavy-duty floor cleaner or for cleaning heavily soiled kitchen counters, grills and appliances.  Offered in 4/1 gallon cases.

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Label and Safety Data Deadlines!


Please see the below about the upcoming OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requirements and timelines.

Time Period for Distributors

The HCS 2012 permits distributors to continue to ship chemicals with HCS 1994 labels until December 1, 2015. 29 CFR 1910.1200(i)(2)(i). However, due to the situation described above - where a manufacturer or importer cannot comply with the June 1, 2015 effective date despite its reasonable diligence and good faith efforts - there may be distributors that are consequently unable to comply with the December 1, 2015 compliance date. In that situation, a CSHO will determine, again on a case-by-case basis, whether a distributor exercised reasonable diligence and good faith to comply with the December 1, 2015 effective date. In making such determination, a CSHO shall consider whether the distributor is able to document its communication with the manufacturer or importer about the circumstances for the noncompliance with HCS 2012. Distributors must provide HCS 2012-compliant SDSs to downstream users with the first shipment after the SDSs are provided by the manufacturer or importer. If a downstream user requests an HCS 2012-compliant SDS that is available prior to receiving a new shipment, the manufacturer, importer, or distributor must provide it immediately.

After having received HCS 2012-compliant SDSs, a distributor's failure to provide the updated SDSs to other distributors or employers along with the first shipment or upon request would be a violation of 1910.1200(g)(7)(i), and a citation should be issued.

In the limited situation described in this memorandum, distributors will be allowed to ship chemicals permissibly labeled with HCS 1994-compliant labels until December 1, 2017.


NEW Products - SIZZLE, BRITE & ND3!


SIZZLE – neutral oven & grill cleaner/degreaser

SIZZLE is a neutral pH formula that makes using this product much easier than traditional O&G cleaners.  SIZZLE is packaged in 2/1 gal INTEGRA cases and is dispensed with a ball valve.

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BRITE - cleaner and polish

BRITE is a water based chemistry as compared to traditional petroleum based stainless steel cleaner/polishes.  Offered in 2/32 oz cases, BRITE is dispensed using DOSE technology.

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ND3 – concentrated mp cleaner/degreaser

ND3 is a neutral pH formula that provides one product for many applications.  Offered in 2/32 oz cases, ND3 is dispensed using DOSE technology.

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NEW Products - Crisp & Synergy


We’re excited to introduce our new fruit and vegetable wash, called CRISP.  Available in INTEGRA packaging, CRISP offers kitchen staff a safe, convenient product to clean produce before serving.  Click here for more information.

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Also added to the INTEGRA line of laundry products is SYNERGY.  A ‘built’ laundry detergent, SYNERGY offers Distributors flexibility for laundry installations giving them the option to use a 3 product system, especially in a hospitality type setting.  Click here for more information.

Please contact your INTEGRA Program Representative for additional information or ideas where these products could be sold.

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