3 New Housekeeping Products!


DOSE by SURFLEX Housekeeping line just got bigger!  Three new products have been added to further benefit your Laundry and Kitchen areas.

ACTION ... for homestyle machines. 

ACTION ... Concentrated Laundry Detergent
is a laundry detergent with builders that removes soils quickly.  Designed for use in hard water and heavy soil conditions.  Improves results by sequestering minerals.  Contains anti-redeposition agents.  Attacks grease, powers out tough stains. ACTION is free rinsing. With the Dose dispensing system there is no measuring required.
Action Info Download

PRISM & BARRIER II ... for triplesinks.

PRISM ... Manual Dishwashing Detergent
is a concentrated blend of mild detergents designed for manual warewashing.  Rich, long-lasting suds combine with sheet-rinsing to leave dishes, utensils and glassware sparkling. PRISM cuts through tough soils and is mild on hands.  Prism Info Download

BARRIER II ... Sanitizer
is a no-rinse quaternary sanitizer which can be safely used as a final sanitizing rinse for food equipment surfaces. Designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, restaurants and bars where sanitization is of prime importance.  Barrier II Info Download


  • No water hook up - no messy leaks
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere
  • Space saving
  • Accurate dispensing means consistent results
  • Employee training is minimal
For more information on other Dose products and literature:  http://www.theintegraprogram.com/theintegraprogram.com/dose