Are looking for a laundry or kitchen system that eliminates clutter, improves safety and is easy to install?

Let us introduce you to our INTEGRA® System.  

Simply mount the Load n’ Lock bracket to the wall and snap the Activator™ in place.  Connect product tubes to the dispenser and your done.  It’s neat, clean and simple.  You never expose yourself or employees to dangerous products.

Mounting your system to the wall allows you easy access to clean under and around the system – heath department friendly.  No messy chemicals on the floor, no tubes dripping with caustic chemicals — safe & simple.

If you have a damaged Activator™, simply remove the INTEGRA® product capsule (it reseals itself), remove tubing, remove the damaged Activator from the Lock n’ Load bracket and replace with new Activator.  What could be easier?

Service and installation costs are lower because of INTEGRA®’s ease of installation and our exclusive system kits that contain everything the technician needs to get the job done right the first time.