INTEGRA® Systems

The name INTEGRA® describes the program and its technologies.  Our philosopy - INTEGRA® a word, SIMPLE. - applies equally to both.

The INTEGRA Program®offers technology and support services that are as competitive with any on the market today. It protects the investment made by both our growing distributor network and the their customers in their laundry, housekeeping and kitchen cleaning programs.


Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner 4/64oz, PHK6100 2/64 oz, PHK6095

BRILLIANT is designed to be used on all glass, plastic and vinyl surfaces.  Fast drying formula leaves glass sparkling.DfE Safer Chemistry Program

* Non-Streaking
* Concentrated Formula
* Non-Ammoniated Formula
* Safe For Use On Hard Surfaces
Heavy Duty Kitchen Cleaner 4/64oz, PHK6250 2/64 oz, PHK6245

Defy is a heavy kitchen cleaner that contains solvent and detergent builders.  DEFY can be used on kitchen floors, walls, counters, grills and appliances.  Designed for use on all hard surfaces. DfE Safer Chemistry Program

* Extremely Effective On Food Soils
* Cleans Quickly and Effectively
* Removes Stubborn Soils
Natural Dose
Neutral All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser Cleaner 4/64oz, PHK6500 2/64 oz, PHK6495

NATURAL  is a unique ALL-purpose cleaner and degreaser based on a degreasing surfactant chemistry. NATURAL DOSE is a safe alternative to acid, caustic and ammoniated cleaners. NATURAL DOSE’s numerous dilutions eliminate the need for separate cleaners for glass cleaning, degreasing, mopping and spray and wipe cleaning. NATURAL DOSE is a concentrated product that handles all your cleaning needs with a natural orange fragrance.For use on windows, mirrors, walls, floors, bathroom surfaces, showers, tile, grout, and kitchen areas. US EPA Safer Choice Program.

* Natural Orange Oil Penetrates Grease
* Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidizes Stains
* One Product, Many Applications
River Rapids Fresh
Air Freshener 4/64oz, PHK6700 2/64 oz, PHK6695

RIVER RAPIDS FRESH can be used wherever odors are a problem. A single spray leaves a clean, fresh scent in the air.  Use wherever an air freshener is needed:  kitchens and bathrooms, room deodorizing, carpet, upholstery, waste collection sites.  For institutional use only. DfE Safer Chemistry Program

* Concentrated Formula
* Pleasantly Scented
* Safe On Fabric
Neutral Floor Cleaner 4/64oz, PHK6800 2/64 oz, PHK6795

STELLAR is a concentrated neutral product formulated with a unique blend of surfactants and water conditioners that make it an effective and pleasant detergent. Economical to use. Leaves surfaces clean and film-free.  Safe to use on waxed floors.  Neutral pH formula.  Provides excellent cleaning of floors. DfE Safer Chemistry Program

* Great For General Housekeeping
* Pleasantly Scented
* Economical To Use